pre-launch party-jam!

Join us TUESDAY DECEMBER 13 @ Outpost 186 for Junk Kitchen's pre-launch party!

The official start of the series will be in January, but we couldn't wait to get started! So we decided to throw a warm-up concert, featuring performances by First Worst Thirst in diverse formations.

We'll be playing original tunes, improvisations, as well as samples of some of the themes of the up-coming season, like Raymond Scott Night, Burt Bacharach Bash and Get into the Mini, a program of miniatures, compositions and improvs.

In line with the festivities of the season, this will be a thoroughly entertaining affair. So dress up or dress down, whatever you need to do, and come ready to move, have a drink, play along or just sit back and enjoy!


the junk kitchen: consumable improvisation

The Junk Kitchen is a mobile, monthly concert series based out of the Outpost 186, in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA. Conceived by oboist/vocalist Esther Viola and drummer Ben Dicke, the mission is to present diverse, at times obscure music styles in ways which are inviting and consumable to audience members who may be inexperienced with some of these forms. Our series brings together our favorite elements of the music we love: accessible, approachable melodies and grooves balanced with experimentation, genre-blurring and boundary-pushing. Our ultimate goal is to express our insatiable curiosity in a form that a wide audience can appreciate. This means that while experimentation and the avant-garde will remain in the foreground, these elements will also be tempered by an awareness of what our audience and potential audience will appreciate. In short, with this series we pose the central question: How can we create and package the music we love in a format that speaks to you?