Join us FRIDAY JANUARY 27, 2012 at 8PM

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Have you ever graced through the aisles of a toy store, spotting various musical instruments on display? Has the temptation of creativity hit you enough that you’ve banged out a few chords at the toy piano, broken into a beat on “My First Drum Kit,” or tried to come up with something... anything interesting on a one-octave xylophone in the key of C?

Well, the folks at the Junk Kitchen Concert Series have concocted a remedy for those of you with such childish urges: a musical pursuance that will relieve you of being seen in a toy store and getting kicked out by security. This first installment will feature music written for and improvised on toy instruments and will feature many area performers and special guest Jaggery.

Our mission here is not only to give these instruments their due, but also to pose a challenge to those performing on them. We‘re keeping the Jazz Box in its case, and the Mark 7 at home, 'cause this is a night for musicians to get in the zone with the most interesting sounds this side of Christmas.

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  1. Great show! Thanks to all who played and listened, and helped make the opening night of the series a smashing success! We'll see you in February...