Music of Found Objects and Homemade Instruments

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FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012 @ 8PM

Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St.
Cambridge, MA

featuring special guests:
Matt Samolis and Dovina -- bottles, buckets, glass, and more
Gary Fieldman--home-made percussion-kit

Geni Skendo
Al Marra
Ben Dicke
Esther Viola
and others!
-- on bottles, pans, jars, tins, wheels, balloons, plastic bags, tin foil, boxes, and more!!!
There is a real problem with Music these days: its ego is way out of control!

Music’s strong arm on the public has slapped the artists to the waysides for years while tricking the neighborhood kids to grab a guitar, grab a microphone and play by the rules. Believe in the hype and fame and fortune will follow. A few tired blues licks later these pop stars are mistaken for visionaries of creative sounds. The Junk Kitchen Concert Series is going to give it a reality check!

Music of Found Objects and Homemade Instruments is a full-on intervention at the Outpost, cornering Music to the front of the room and having it fess up to its faults, its wrong doings and to hopefully show Music what it can be and not what it has been for years on end.

The performers of this show will act like surgeons spending the evening undressing Music to its frail and skinny core, putting it under the knife with the scalpels of bare hands on the back of cold metal chairs. Old spoons on empty paint buckets will play ugly rhythms underneath disjointed melodies made out of twine. Old rusty nails will poke through in attacks of dissonance as a climax of hubcaps will loudly crash together scaring Music out the door and back into the streets, delirious and humbled.

In the end there is something to be discovered while performing music on anything that is not an instrument. It will showcase the fact the music is made by people and not the instruments that they play. Torn away are the rich textures, controlled range, and harmonic potential that we are all used to.

This night Music is in its purest form. Whether it’s drumming on the back of a stop sign or blowing into empty beer bottles, the music here will exist simultaneously on either end of the spectrum by exploring the fringes of acoustic sound art while throwing us back into our primal urges to create.

Audience members are encouraged to bring there own homemade “instruments” to play in a group performance at the end of the evening. For those less savvy, the requirement is that you only bring in what you have found on the way to the Outpost!

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