8PM @ Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St.
Inman Square
Cambridge, MA

If you were to go to your favorite diner and order lunch, you would expect (or at least hope for) your sandwich to be made fresh, just for you. Made minutes before your first bite, without the evidence of someone else’s, right?

If you were on the market for a new jacket, you wouldn’t expect to have some previous owner's loose change and half pack of cigarettes in the left pocket. Not if it was sold to you as new, am I wrong?

If you were to buy a new car, you would expect it to be brand new, wouldn't you? I mean we’re talking new-car-smell, reeking of well-fitted suede-barracuda-sport-coat new (no need to turn it inside out, unless you bought a convertible, of course.) It wouldn’t be right to pay full price for a “new” car that’s been owned and driven by other people, with a few thousand miles racked on the odometer and a few treads missing on the tires.

When it comes to new music, though, countless times don’t we settle for music that is, well . . . only sorta new?

I mean is John Cage really new anymore? Would you drink a 20 to 60-year-old cup of coffee? No! You'd expect it to be fresh, hot and tasty. So shouldn’t new music be the same way?

This Junk Kitchen show is dedicated to defining our standard for new music. All the pieces here are written especially for this night. And just as the FDA qualifies that food is only considered fresh within 72 hours of preparation, we are requiring that our composers create their pieces no more than 72 hours before the first performance – and I mean the very first, no rehearsals, no run-throughs – just as is, when served up steaming and aromatic, by our Junk Kitchen Players. The strike of the notes will be the first time ears ever hear it. (One might also call this a “sight reading” night but we figured that it would make it sound even more like a nerd event... Oops.)

Featuring NEW compositions by:
Ian Dicke, Todd Brunel, Eric Biondo, Brian Abbott, Rob Manthey, Pam Marshall and others

Played by:
Matt Samolis - flute
Deirdre Viau - flute
Esther Viola - oboe
Honjo Tsuyoshi - saxes
Ryan Fessinger - bassoon
McMillan Gaither - trombone
Marion Campos - guitars
Brigham Hall - piano
Paul Jacobs - piano
Ben Dicke - drums
...and others