Photos from Brasil

Obrigada Brena for the beautiful photos of our last show, Postcards from Brasil!

To see more of Brena's fabulous photography, visit her blog, Treasure Chest.




FRIDAY 27 JULY, 2012 @8PM

Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St.
Cambridge, MA

postmarked: Rio de Janeiro, 13 July 2012

Hope you're having a great summer! We've been traveling all over Brazil for the past few months, and it is incredible! The food is amazing, the people are so warm and friendly—we're already talking about coming back next year. But what is really blowing us away is the MUSIC!

Everywhere we go—from Bahia in the northeast, where we heard the berimbau and saw capoeira on the streets, to here in Rio, where we saw Guinga live in concert (!) and met musicians who play with Hermeto Pascoal, and went to choro rodas—everywhere there is music playing. We're trying to record all this music with our ears, because we can't wait to play everything for you!

In fact, our flight gets back into Boston on Friday, July 27th, and we're heading straight to Outpost 186 to play all this music for you! We've had all kinds of ideas, and we've been talking about things like authenticity—can we as Americans just pick up and play Brazilian music?—as well as the definition of a “classic.” As always at the Junk Kitchen, we want to play music that's got a slightly different take on the common interpretation. So we've found some great classics here in Brazil, a few even from the late 19th century! While they're quite well-known here, we think back in Cambridge they will sound fresh and new, like instant life-long friends.

We've also heard so much music that doesn't sound at all like the standard Brazilian bossa export, and yet we've also heard some “bossas” which are so fresh and infectious—we've just got to bring it all back for you! So we're going to do our best, fully acknowledging that this music is pretty new for us, we're just going to dive in and do it—just like a gringa jumping into the samba de roda and shaking her hips like she didn't know any better! Why not? Life's too short not to groove, dance, sweat and swing!

So we hope you'll join us July 27th at 8pm! And don't forget to bring some limes for the caipirinhas!

Esther & Ben