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Has it already been a year?! The Junk Kitchen is turning one year old, and we want to celebrate with you!

The Outpost is where it opened its eyes for the first time, gazing into the portraits of musicians so inspirational, and unfurled its ears to the sounds of the preview show. Like any healthy, growing concert series, each night became a unique milestone in its development: Music for Toys taught Junk Kitchen how to play with others and proved that we still know how to be kids. Get Out Your Mini was short but sweet. With the clashing of pots and pans, the series made music out of Found Objects. Do You Do Duo, Too? taught us about relationships. We went through a time warp with the Raymond Scott Review, and New Music Night told us not to fear trying new things. Postcards from Brazil was a (field) trip, and Burt Bacharach was Junk Kitchen's first exposure to grown-up problems of love and loss. Reed It and Weep extemporized on the changing seasons and explored the depths of emotions. In short, it has been a great year and one that brings a tear to our eyes when we think of all the growing the series has done!

To celebrate, we are inviting past performers and patrons to a night of Junk Kitchen music, to let the concert series have its own concert for once. You provide the talent, instruments and booze, and we’ll supply the place, some leadsheets and... more booze! What will come out of it? We're dreaming of a... 7-minute "Light Works" jam, a drunken loopy-eyed “Look of Love,” and improvisations on empty beer bottles. Let's give Season One its proper send off, and ignite the flame for Season Two, which starts February 15th.

Now a note from Junk Kitchen "dad," Ben Dicke:

As I write this and think of earlier times, I can’t ignore the Junk Kitchen's current growing pains as it's becoming quite a destructive little devil around the house! The series is now crawling around with a full set of teeth and an appetite, pushing the limits of a baby-proof home environment: it's biting on extension cords, playing with staplers, figuring out what body positions are best for sliding down the stairs and, like all children at this age, it gets into cheerios-throwing sippy-cup-dropping temper tantrums from its high chair, shouting “NO!” (a “new” word, the understanding and usage of which I tried my best for months to delay.)

All in all, my tough love can’t hide the fact that the series needs new home. So starting next year the Lily Pad (1353 Cambridge Street, Inman Square, Cambridge) will host our shows. This will be the place where the series learns to walk, talk and get potty trained. (I spoke to Gill at length about this, and he said it was ok as long as I would take care of any “accidents.”) Also on the horizon is a new website which will post the current show updates, past shows' sound and video clips, and will help you keep informed of all our shenanigans throughout the season.

The aspirations of a growing concert series comes with growing costs. I have already spent plenty on organic formula, new baby shoes (every 6 weeks!) a few Baby Einstein DVDs, at 20 something dollars a pop! But when it comes to the cost of rent and a website (not to mention a musicians' payment fund) I just simply cannot find the coupons for all of it! So this winter we will be asking you, the Boston/Cambridge music and arts community, to help us with our indiegogo campaign, which we hope to launch with this event. I mean, what better way to celebrate the past year than to spark life into the 2013 season? With your help we can avoid malnourishment as one of next year's themes...

Your support of our series has meant a lot to me this past year, as it has given a place and a purpose for so much creative energy. Next year will undoubtedly be even better: sillier, savvier, more mature! But first, I want to celebrate our musical highlights with all of you who have been there for us by being a part of the Junk Kitchen community. Hope to see you on the 8th!



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