Friday, February 15 @10pm*
Lily Pad
1353 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

When Sir Paul McCartney penned the bridge for his immortal “Michelle,” he expressed his feelings of love though the simple words “I need you.” Those who have used these words before can sympathize with his feelings of endless yearning fueled by a passionate heart. But for some, Love's intentions can be less clear. Do we say we need someone as an expression of romantic affect? Or do we need chiefly because we are selfish people requiring constant attention? What drives us to pine after someone so much that the phrase sounds more like a cry for help than a call of love? In short, what can we find behind this common feeling, beyond the urge, the want, the desire? And what about all those other “needs?” We shouldn’t forget about them, right?

It's February! Love is in the air and need is at the Lily Pad, our new host venue for the series. In classic late-night TV format, host Ben Dicke presents I Need You, I Kneed you, I Knead you, a show dedicated to exploring the many facets of needing the one you love. But this first installment of the season picks up where Paul left off: Boston area musicians put their creative urges into emotional tunes and venture into need's phonetic equivalents, engaging special guests to demonstrate bread-kneading and massage, as well as effective self-defense techniques. Please join us as our special studio audience in this odyssey of desideratum, this exploration of exigency.

*Please note that this is not only our first show of 2013, but also our first time in the new venue, the Lily Pad, at a new time, 10pm. Most of all, we need you there to make this the most fulfilling show yet!

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