SATURDAY MARCH 9th - 10pm 

 An encore  performance of an original musical inspired by the songs of 




Composer Alfred Bachelorach seems to have it all: hit songs to make hearts melt, upscale gigs where top-shelf whiskey flows freely, and a new chick every night of the week. His bachelor pad is furnished with inviting fauteuils and a fully stocked bar, and the air sways with the lush arrangements and luring melodies of his songs. Many a girl has gambled all to gain entry to this palace, only to be banished again by daybreak.

Edith, an aspiring singer, proves equally unable to resist the pull of Alfred's talent and charm. However, unlike others before her, she turns the tables of the chase, and in pursuing Alfred she discovers a secret neither his loyal bandmates nor his trusted lyricist, Hal, have ever learned.

As the mystery deepens, it becomes clear that Edith's friend Faith knows more than she initially lets on. And Alfred's drummer, Max, may have developed a smoother, truer technique in playing his hand in the game of seduction. Ultimately, Alfred Bachelorach will be forced to face the fact that while a chair may still be a chair, a bachelor pad penthouse is most certainly not a home. And if he is ever to get what he really wants, he may have to relinquish his womanizing ways. The question is not how he can make this change, but who will inspire him to do so?

William Kenlon as Alfred Bachelorach
Esther Viola as Edith
Evelyn Hurley as Faith
Paul Jacobs as Sully, piano
Al Marra as Mugsy, vibes
Scot Fitzsimmons as Scott, bass
Ben Dicke as Max, drums

and special guest appearance by...
Will Dicke as Hal, lyricist

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