#20 Water, water everywhere. . .

"At the current (water) consumption rate. . . By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. And ecosystems around the world will suffer even more."

- World Wildlife Foundation.*

Water has always been a source of great inspiration for writers, artists and musicians. This Junk Kitchen installment aims to flip the script: Can performances of various water-inspired pieces motivate you to acknowledge your water responsibility? Like the creek that brings life to the forest, a stream of thoughtful music can bring a flood of ideas! Here we hope to go beyond-the-faucet with our relationship with water. With music and brief discussions we’ll touch on fresh water conservation, it’s scarcity in many parts of the world as well as how the looming rise of our oceans will effect us. 

Performances By: Ben Dicke, Esther Viola,  Garrison Fewell, Eric Hofbauer,  Martin Rohrmeier, and Terra Fredrichs

 With VERY SPECIAL GUESTS! Dana Lyn’s “Aqualade” From Brooklyn NY
Featuring: Dana Lyn – Composer, multi-instrumentalist 
Clara Kennedy Cello 
Jonathan Goldberger – Guitar
Mike McGinnis – Clarinet, Sax
Vinnie Sperrazza - Drums

*Cited from “Not a drop to drink: A look at water scarcity”
 April 22, 2014