Honky Tonk'n Heart Break

Don’t miss Texas Pickles and her Hot Dawgs singing

   and swinging about love lost and hearts so true! 

THURSDAY JULY 3rd - 9pm - $10 Contribution
The LILY PAD - 1353 Cambridge St.  Inman Square, Cambridge 

Read below for details 

What’s a gal to do when her daddy done gone up and left her?
How’s a guy to feel when he sees his baby with another man?

If you’re feeling alone and forsaken ‘cause you can’t melt that special man’s cold, cold heart, it might be time to drop little Miss Texas Pickles a line, and ask her for advice on how to cure those lovesick blues!

Miss Pickles ain’t got nothing but time for helping others who just can’t help being in love. And she’ll not only answer your letter, she’ll sing it in a song! Channeling the wisdom of country swing heroes like Hank Williams, Miss Pickles swings and yodels her way to healing your heartbreak and drying your tears. After all, when you’re so lonesome you could cry, there’s no better time to move it on over to the closest honky tonk!

So since Nashville’s a bit out the way, come on down to the LilyPad! As the song goes:

“There’s a little bit of country, 
a little bit of city,
the honky tonk is nitty-gritty,
Thursday night at the Lily!”


Esther Viola Kurtz- Vocals and MC
Eric Hofbauer - Guitar
Lincoln Smith - Guitar 
Paul Jacobs - Piano 
Scot Fitzsimmons - Bass
Ben Dicke - Drums