past shows 2012

Jan 27 – Music for Toys
Let's play! A small ensemble of toy pianos, toy tooters, a toy accordion, and a toy drum set will be the center of this night of compositions and improvisations, with special guest Jaggery.

Feb 24 – Get out your Mini
A night of miniatures and very, very short pieces and improvisations.

March 23 – Sound of the Found
We'll perform music on anything but musical instruments. Audience members are also encouraged to bring their own found-object “instruments” to play in the show's finale.

April 27 – Do you do duo, two?
Music in its most intimate form, featuring solos and duets by some of the areas finest performers.
This night is dedicated to an unsung hero of modern American music: composer, bandleader, pianist, engineer, and electronic instrument pioneer Raymond Scott.

[SATURDAY] June 23 – 
New Music Night
NEW MUSIC is being composed for this NIGHT at the Junk Kitchen!

July 27 – 
Postcards from Brasil
Way beyond samba, we will play off-the-beaten path music of Brazilian origins, including 20th century compositions using traditional instruments and lesser-known classics.
Showcasing the writing talents of Burt Bacharach. Come for a drink, leave with a one-night stand.

Sept 28 – Reed it and Weep
Featuring reed and plucked instruments from around the world.

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