FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012

8PM @ Outpost 186
186 1/2 Hampshire St.
Inman Square
Cambridge, MA

This night is dedicated to an unsung hero of modern American music: composer, bandleader, pianist, engineer, and electronic instrument pioneer Raymond Scott.

The show will feature two sections, one highlighting his major contributions to Jazz (also recognizable from adaptations used in classic cartoon soundtracks) and the other "unplugging" his electronic music for TV and radio. We're arranging tunes, snippets, and jingles from his experimentations under the Manhattan Research Inc. project, some of his earliest and most distinctive electronic works.

Collaborating musicians:
Jerry Sabatini—trumpet
Andy Volker—tenor sax
Kyle Moffat—alto sax
Esther Viola—oboe
Brigham Hall—piano
Paul Jacobs—piano
Al Marra—vibraphone
Eric Hofbauer—guitar
Scott Fitzpatrick—bass
Sven Larson—bass
Ben Dicke—drums

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