Thursday August 29th 8pm @ The Lily Pad

1353 Cambridge St. Inman Sq. Cambridge


They’re flying around, flustering about and making those chirping sounds! Birds are everywhere!        But what are they singing about? . . . and why?!?

Junk Kitchen investigates this phenomenon as close as you can without binoculars or birdseed. We’ll analyze their songs and interpret them into musical pieces as well as perform works that use bird songs as thematic material. In the end we hope to appreciate these birds in ways that most of us never of thought to do so. For all the music that these creatures have made for us, perhaps it's time that we make a little music for them too. 

Wait. . . What? Is that right? Did you say that birds actually learn their songs? Huh well I guess they’re natures musicians after all! I didn’t know that! Hmm. . . what other interesting bird facts are there?  Well, fly into the Lily Pad and find out! It’ll be a Hoot! . . . (sorry.)  $10 


Bird Calls:  We'll perform F. Schuyler Mathews transcriptions of bird calls cited from his classic "Field Guide to Wild Birds and Their Music" from 1902. 

Bird Call Tunes: Original music written especially for this program, with melodies based around these bird calls and songs. 

Messian Selections: Piano pieces by the ultimate bird-song composer. 

Bird Music: tunes inspired by these fascinating little creatures.  

Soundscapes and Improvs - imagine yourself in the Lily Pad imagining that your in a imaginary forest of these sounds. . . .  


Matt Simolis - Flute
Pam Marshall - Horn 
Eric Hofbauer - Guitar 
Paul Jacobs - Piano 
Scot Fitzsimmons - Bass
Ben Dicke - Drums and M. of C. 

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